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The President Yu Xuefeng’s speech on Egyptian Employees training report-back

The President Yu Xuefeng’s speech on Egyptian Employees training report-back Dear Egyptian fellows: Good afternoon Glad to hear your reports on the train in Angel Yeast. It’s further understood you are enjoying really the training in Angel Yeast. Not only learning the technology process, operational details for yeast production, but also knowing & studying the … Continue reading

Bassem Adel:More than being story

Bassem Adel:More than being story First when I read these stories about angel culture, I found myself very impressed and think are this true or not? 在我读完一些安琪文化故事后,我多次深深的问自己:这是真的吗? And still thinking and remember what happen with us from 10 months till now, then I found that all these story is only point from the truth 。 … Continue reading

wish I could be a bag(suitcase?) and follow you to Europe

My dear colleague is ready for europe trip…er…biz trip…The ticket is Switzerland 18:00pm +8 ….Envy*many times, (always envy something that others feel tired of …)


One can be different in different clothes, but one can be constantly unique in a suitable bag. What is bag? is it a container for carry your A4 paper? one question is that, why so many ladies keep fighting for some brands bag, LV,GUCCI,HERMES…why they wait day and night,only to find a disoppointment that more … Continue reading

Animal Nutrition

Animal Nutrition Angel animal nutritional products, a kind of biological feed additive, can effectively strengthen animals’ immune systems, promote the digestion and absorption of feed, and improve the quality of animal products. Application technology: – Yeast organic selenium test, different animal’s dosing research. – Feed active yeast Application in ruminant and mono-gastric animals – Test … Continue reading